Keys to the Ultimate Oregon Winter

Nearly 70 per cent of Oregonians participate in outdoor recreation each year – generating $16.4 billion in consumer spending annually.

In addition to enjoying great food, exchanging gifts, watching the Blazers, and spending quality time with family and friends, you can expect families and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the many activities that Sisters, Bend, Sunriver, and Mt. Hood have to offer this holiday season.

You can also expect residents to spend a lot of their hard-earned cash. With the rising cost of lift tickets, snow tires, and gift spending on the latest outdoor gear – it’s important that we find ways to save money.

Unfortunately, as the demand for fuel in Oregon continues to soar, so does the cost of fuel. This makes balancing budgets difficult. Adding insult to injury: Oregonian drivers can expect to spend more in the future with increased state gas taxes.

While there are tips to cut back trips to the pump, and strategies for not breaking the bank on your trip to Mt. Hood – the fact is we need affordable fuel for Oregonians to enjoy visiting their favorite winter destinations.  

Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is committed to supporting commonsense fuel policies to avoid increasing energy costs, in addition to incentivizing balanced and responsible energy use. If you’re eager to head up to the mountains this season, but want to keep fuel costs within your budget, learn more about what we’re doing to benefit Oregonians and join the narrative today.