Keep Fuel Affordable in Oregon

We need your help protecting consumers and businesses from the financial backlash of the Oregon Clean Fuels Program.   Since the Clean Fuels Program began last year, we’ve learned that the program needs significant overhauls for the program to achieve its intended purpose and keep fuel affordable across our state. That’s why Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is advocating for legislation that will protect Oregonians from deficiencies in the Clean Fuels Program.

HB 3386-14, addresses the shortfalls in Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Fuels Program by putting in place provisions to address the lack of carbon credit allowances needed to make the program work.  

As residents and local businesses in Oregon, we need you to take action. Please fill out our Take Action Formwhich will tell your state representatives to vote YES on House Bill 3386-14. It’s imperative we work together to keep fuel affordable for all Oregonians.