Helping Families Enjoy Fall with Affordable Energy

Cheering on the Ducks or the Beavers on a crisp Saturday morning. Watching the leaves change at Multnomah Falls. Pumpkin picking at a favorite family farm. There are too many fun fall activities to possibly do them all this year – but that doesn’t stop Oregon families from trying!

Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is committed to keeping fuel affordable so families can keep enjoying what they love about fall. As parents know, those day trips can make a serious dent in the family pocketbook – especially when it comes to energy. Fall is already an expensive time of year – the average family spends nearly $700 on back-to-school shopping alone –and now kids need to be driven to school and recreational activities. At the same time, colder weather means the heating bills start piling up.

Oregon families are doing everything they can to reduce energy use and keep bills low, from investing in fuel-efficient vehicles to turning the heat down at night. While we all look forward to a clean, green energy future, the fact remains that right now families rely on fuel to get to work, school, and weekend fun. All that driving adds up: the average Oregonian drives 14,032 miles per year.

Families do their part and do their best. Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy supports commonsense policies that don’t increase energy costs for families, but incentivize responsible and balanced energy use. Learn more about the work we’re doing on behalf of all Oregonians and add your voice as an advocate for affordable fuels today!